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The 11.11 Global Shopping Festival will begin in a few hours: up to 90% off

11.11 Global Shopping Festival

The long-awaited 11.11 global shopping festival, which starts tomorrow (November 11th, 2022), will offer consumers of any Alibaba e-store enormous discounts on a wide range of products across several categories.

The 11.11 shopping festival is becoming as well-known as the previously well-known Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping festivals in the United States and most other nations.

The younger generation celebrates the Singles’ Day holiday in China on November 11. Since being selected by Alibaba Group as their international shopping day, it has gained popularity among both Chinese consumers and people worldwide.

Why It Matters

The 11.11 shopping marathon would result in the greatest discounts on retail and wholesale goods throughout the various businesses of the Alibaba Group, including:

  • AliExpress
  • Taobao Marketplace
  • Juhuasuan
  • Alitrip
  • AliCloud, etc.

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The 11.11 shopping event would provide you, the customer, access to the greatest discounts and allow you to purchase high-quality things for the least amount of money. Promotional rates would be available for products across all categories, and access to:

  • Biggest deals and discounts
  • Free worldwide delivery
  • 11.11 desire list campaign
  • 11.11 campaign, which exchanges coins for coupons
  • Flash sales up to 90% off and lists of millions of products

How to Participate in the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival

You can participate in the 11.11 global shopping festival in the same way that you can in any other notable shopping event by:

AliExpress 11.11 Sale

Other Recommendations

To receive the best 11.11 deals, check for high-quality products with a high number of favorable reviews before clicking the “order” button.

It’s a good idea to buy just the things you actually need. To make this work, make a wish list of everything you want to buy and look for the greatest deals on the day of the event.

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Be aware that some fraudulent vendors may raise their usual selling price and put in a fake reduced amount to trick you into thinking a product is the best deal during the 11.11 sale and convince you to buy it for a regular amount. So, before placing a purchase, check out products identical to it from other retailers.

Happy Global Shopping Festival!

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