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The Convenient Way to Earn Passive Income Through Cryptocurrency Mining

Earn Passive Income Through Cryptocurrency mining

The process through which Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies produce new coins and approve fresh transactions is known as cryptocurrency mining. Blockchains are global, decentralized networks of computers that verify and safeguard the digital ledgers that store bitcoin transaction data. Fresh coins are sent to the network’s machines in return for using their processing power. The blockchain distributes the coins, the miners safeguard the network, and the coins provide the miners’ incentive to do so. This creates a positive feedback signal.

What is the process of cryptocurrency mining?

Getting hold of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may be done in one of three ways. They may be purchased through an exchange, given in return for products or services, or virtually “mined.”

You might have thought of attempting cryptocurrency mining on your own. Anyone with a competent home computer could participate ten years ago. But as the blockchain has expanded, more computing power is needed to keep it running. (By a lot: In October 2019, mining one bitcoin needed 12 trillion times as much computer power as it did in January 2009 when the first blocks were mined.) As a result, it’s doubtful that amateur bitcoin mining is now financially rewarding for hobbyists. Nowadays, specialist organizations or groups of individuals work together to carry out mining.

But who says that in order to mine cryptocurrency, you must purchase a mining device?

Fortunately, there is a solution. Cloud mining is an option for you if you want to make money from cryptocurrency mining without having to deal with the stress of the procedure.

With the advent of crypto mining, it is now possible to mine cryptocurrencies using rented cloud computing resources without installing or running any specialized software or hardware. By registering an account and making a small fee, anybody may take part in bitcoin mining remotely. Due to this, cloud mining has gained a lot of attention.

One of the top cloud mining platforms is Bytebus.

The cryptocurrency mining application for cloud mining is an excellent solution that might bring you closer to the professional cryptocurrency sector. The online application that we enjoy the most is Bytebus, a user-friendly mining service that enables you to earn coins without any additional hardware.

One of the first businesses to offer cloud mining services, Bytebus, was established in 2018 and quickly gained the confidence of more than 360,000 users all around the world.

Customers can easily sign up and verify their accounts with Bytebus’ simple online interface, and as a bonus for new users, they receive a $10 sign-up incentive. Additionally, Bytebus has a referral program where you can introduce friends and family members and receive a 3% commission.

Is it possible to make money without investing?

Yes, this is open to everyone and is free to participate in. With Bytebus, you can sign up for a free experience plan and receive $10. You can use $10 to buy the free plan and get $1 every day. You can withdraw money after your balance reaches $100.

Prior to publishing this article, the free plan was tested and confirmed paying. The screenshot below shows the proof of payment I got from the Bytebus free plan. As a result, I can confidently say that platform is genuinely paying for the free plan, once you reached the minimum threshold.

bytebus investment free plan payment proof

The snapshot shows that the total deposits are $0, total earnings are $119.5, and total withdrawals are $100. Within a few seconds, the payment was successfully sent to my Broker account.

How to make $1 daily with Bytebus Cryptocurrency Mining Free Plan

 bytebus Bitcoin mining

  • Sign up right now and receive $10.
  • Make sure you input the correct email address, because, an OTP code will be sent to it for verification whenever you want to withdraw the money.
  • Also, you must have a broker account to deposit or withdraw your earnings on Bytebus, if you are an amateur in the crypto business, you can sign up for a Binance account here.

How to invest with your $10 sign-up bonus and get $1 daily

  • Fire ON your VPN and login into your account,
  • Click on the “Dashboard” to confirm you have $10 in the available balance.
  • Then, tap on “Plans,” and scroll down to “Daily Free Plan
  • Hit on the “Buy Now” button, re-click “Buy Now,” and tap on the “Purchase” button to make a payment
  • Then, you should receive a Payment Success message.

All you have to do to receive your profits is to repeat these actions each day.

The daily settlement of cloud mining is at 09:00 am United Kingdom Time (11 am Nigeria time).

Be advised that unless you accelerate the process by investing at least $100 or through the referral program, you must repeat the procedure for a total of 90 days before you can reach the minimum withdrawal balance for the free plan.

Please take note that you can not use Nigeria or Pakistan IP addresses to access the website.

If you are in Nigeria or Pakistan and you are having an issue with “Access denied” when trying to access Bytebus, just fire up any of your VPNs and switch your location to any other country, then you are good to go.

Android users can download and install the Stark VPN Reloaded from the play store. Do not tamper with any setting there. All you need to do is to click on the big red button to connect. Once connected, minimize the app, then you are free to access the Bytebus website.

How to Make 100% Profit of your Investment Monthly via Bytebus Cloud Mining Flexible Investment Options

Due to prior distressing experiences, your mind might immediately think of Ponzi Schemes and other bogus websites when you hear 100% profit on the investment in a short period of time. These days, fraud platforms are widespread and difficult to identify, making it exceedingly difficult to find genuine businesses.

However, there are still genuine businesses that people are using to make cool cash and enrich themselves. Bytebus Cloud Mining seems to be part of a genuine platform. I and some members of this blog have invested in the business, and so far we are enjoying it, no problem with depositing and withdrawing. Based on the experience I had, sending the accumulated profit from the Bytebus account to a crypto wallet is even faster than transferring funds within Nigeria bank accounts. All of their systems are automated.

We are making our passive income convenient through Bytebus Cryptocurrency Mining. The snapshot of a $1600 investment on the Bytebus is shown below. So far, I have no issues with the withdrawal request.

 bytebus investor dashboard

Currently, Bytebus provides a variety of different cloud mining price options, such as $10, $100, $480, $1600, and $6000 plans, among others. Each of them gives a unique Return on Investment and has a unique contract period.

bytebus plans

For instance, a $100 investment plan provides a payout of $6 within a 3 day contract period. $480 investment plan delivers a $102 payout within a 10 day contract period. $6000 investment plan with a 50-day contract delivers a payout of $7400. Daily rates can reach 2.47%!

You are certain to get cash every single day because returns are paid daily. For whatever time frame that you invest in, the returns are set. You have the option to either immediately withdraw the funds or keep investing after the contract time has ended. For every investment, Bytebus fully guarantees the principal and interest.

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How to Make a 100% Monthly Return on Your Investment

There are now 10 distinct plans offered on Bytebus, most of them can provide you with up to 100% profit each month, but none of them can guarantee 100% profit per month. In this article, I’ll explain to you how to consistently turn a $100 investment into a 100% profit.

As per normal, a $100 investment plan pays out $6 over the course of a 3 day contract. This indicates that $2 will be returned to your Bytebus account each day. Your total profits over the past 30 days will be $60, or a 60% monthly profit.

Sign up right now and get a free $10 bonus

Remember that $10 was first offered to you as a Sign-up incentive. You can continue to mine the cryptocurrency every day using this $10 in addition to your $100 investment. While a $100 plan will pay you $2 every day, a $10 plan will provide you with a profit of $1 per day. This implies that your daily profits from the $100 investment will rise to $3, and you’ll have access to $100 profit each month, or 100% profit on the investment.

How does the referral program work?

Even if you don’t make an investment, you can start making money. Copy your referral link and share it with others to earn rewards. Each Bytebus user gets a special referral link that can be shared with anybody. Any new user who signs up using your referral link counts as a referral for life. For each purchase made by one of your referrals, you are entitled to receive a 3% referral commission incentive. For instance, you would receive $3 for free if someone used your referral code to make a $100 purchase.

Anyway, this information is simply my own personal view based on the research and experiment; it is not financial advice, as I am not a financial adviser.

Shelaf disclaims all liability for any monetary damages incurred as a result of reliance on the information presented on this website. Always do your research before committing money, especially when considering third-party reviews, presales, and other opportunities.

Thank you for reading and God bless you. If you have questions arising from this, put them in the comment section and I’ll respond to them.

If you like what I’m doing on this blog and you are still not subscribed, then you aren’t doing me any favor. So please click here to follow Shelaf’s daily latest posts and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and families, it will help a lot.

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    1. Hello Olawale, Thank you for reaching out to us! It’s great that you are interested in creating a wallet. While it is possible to use the crypto wallet on your Opera Mini browser, it may have limited features compared to popular cryptocurrency wallets such as Binance, Remitano, Coinbase, Trust wallet and others. If you are new to cryptocurrency and want to enjoy more features and options, we recommend exploring some of these popular wallets.
      We hope this information is helpful, and please feel free to reach out to us if you have any additional questions or need further assistance.

  2. Sanni Rasaq Olakunle

    Compliments Shelaf, great job you are doing, as you make us to grow you will never come down, We reach for the stars together. I’m already with Bytebus, I have both Binance and trust wallet address, my challenge now is can I transfer my $s on Bytebus directly into my Binance or Trust wallet as BTC or USDT, pls enlighten me. Thanks.

    1. I sincerely appreciate your nice remarks and your participation in the Bytebus network. I’m happy to learn that you’re already a member.

      To respond to your question, I can say that transferring money from Bytebus to your Binance or Trust wallet as BTC or USDT is simple, though the exact steps may vary depending on the wallet and coin you want. In general, you must first get your Binance or Trust wallet’s receiving address before conducting a withdrawal or transfer from Bytebus to that address. Before moving forward with any form of transfer, it’s always a good idea to verify the details again and make sure everything is accurate because mistakes may be costly.

      Keep in mind that in order to place a withdrawal on Bytebus, you must have at least $100.
      How to select a payment method on Bytebus
      > Go to Account Settig >> Wallet 
      > Between USDT-TRC20, LTC, USDC, ETH, BTC, DASH, or BCH, you can select your payment type.
      > Go to your cryptocurrency wallet and copy the wallet receiving address that corresponds to your choice.
      > Paste it the Wallet Address on Byteus and tap “Save”
      > After that, you can place your withdraw by tapping the withdraw button.

      I hope this is helpful, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any other questions or want more support.

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  5. Shelaf, We appreciate you alot. Pls what has gone wrong with bytebus since yesterday, barely a week giving it a trial before binance for any serious financial commitment . Hhhh ?

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