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Unlock YouTube Premium for Free: The Complete Guide to YouTube Vanced & MicroG on Android & iOS

YouTube vanced download

Do you want to use all of YouTube’s premium features without paying a subscription fee? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we are exploring YouTube Vanced, an improved version of the official YouTube app, and its reliable partner, Vanced MicroG. Together, they open the door to YouTube Premium perks without costing you a cent.

YouTube Premium vs. YouTube Free: Spotting the Differences

We all love YouTube Free for its endless content, but it comes with a catch: ads, no offline downloads, and no background playback. YouTube Premium, the paid subscription service, sweeps away these limitations, offering an ad-free viewing experience.

What is YouTube Vanced APK?

YouTube Vanced is your ticket to an upgraded YouTube experience. Crafted by third-party developers, this modified version of the official app adds exciting features while keeping everything you love about YouTube intact.

Unpacking the Advanced MicroG APK

Now, meet the unsung hero—Vanced MicroG. This little add-on is the bridge that lets your Google Account connect seamlessly with YouTube Vanced. With it, your subscribed channels and personalized recommendations are just a tap away.

Standout Features of YouTube Vanced:

  • Ease your eyes with an AMOLED black theme.
  • Multi-task with videos playing in the background or picture-in-picture mode.
  • Bid farewell to video ads for uninterrupted viewing.
  • Control brightness and volume with intuitive swipe gestures.
  • Tailor your viewing with options like HDR playback.
  • Customize your YouTube experience by toggling different ad types and elements.
  • Skip over annoying sponsor segments and reveal those hidden like-dislike counters.

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Downloading and Installing YouTube Vanced: A Step-by-Step Guide

Downloading and installing YouTube Vanced APK is a straightforward process suitable for both Android and iOS users.

Android User: Installation Guide for YouTube Vanced (YouTube Premium for Free)

There are various methods to install YouTube Vanced, but we’ll discuss the most efficient approach.

1. Get the Right Files: Start with two essential files:

The MicroG enables you to sign in with your Gmail, while the YouTube Vanced is the modded version of YouTube Premium. Both files are sourced from trusted providers, ensuring your peace of mind.

2. Install Vanced MicroG APK: After downloading, install Vanced MicroG just like any regular app. Follow the on-screen instructions, and make sure to enable installations from unknown sources when prompted.

Vanced MicroG

Note: You might not find Vanced MicroG in your list of installed apps; it’s accessible through Apps Manager under System Settings.

3. Install YouTube Vanced APK: Follow the same process to install YouTube Vanced.apk.

4. Completion Confirmation: Wait for the installation to finish successfully.

5. Access YouTube Vanced: Find the newly installed app on your device and tap on the YouTube logo.

Congratulations! You now have access to YouTube Premium features for free!

How to Use YouTube Vanced APK

Using YouTube Vanced APK is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly interface. No extra steps are required to get started; all essential features are preconfigured. If you want to explore more options, navigate to Profile Picture > Settings > Vanced Settings.

Logging in to Google with Your Account

After installation, it’s essential to link your Google account with YouTube Vanced to access your subscribed channels and saved data.

how to get YouTube Premium for free forever

1. Tap the profile icon at the top left corner.

2. Select “Sign in” > “Add Account,” and Vanced MicroG will appear.

3. Hit the “Sign in” button and follow the on-screen instructions to log in with your Gmail account.

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For iOS Users: YouTube Premium for Free

Requirements: You need to install via scarlet or sideload.

Direct download links:


For guidance on installation, watch the video provided in this link and follow the instructions to complete the process.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to Update YouTube Vanced APK?

To ensure your YouTube Vanced APK stays current, obtain the latest version of the APK file from a reliable source. Remember to bookmark this page for future updates. After acquiring the new version, proceed to follow the installation steps outlined earlier.

Is It Safe to Use YouTube Vanced APK?

In general, using the YouTube Vanced APK is considered safe when obtained from reputable sources like ours. However, there is a risk when downloading the APK file from sources that can’t be trusted, as it may contain malware or viruses that could harm your device. For your safety, it is strongly recommended to get the YouTube Vanced APK from a reliable website.

Is It Legal to Use YouTube Vanced APK?

The legal status of using the YouTube Vanced APK remains uncertain. From a technical standpoint, it goes against YouTube’s Terms of Service as it involves modifying the official YouTube app to introduce additional features. The specific legal standing remains uncertain, and numerous users utilize it without encountering legal consequences. Ultimately, the choice to use it should be exercised with a level of prudence.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with YouTube Vanced APK

If you face difficulties with the YouTube Vanced APK, start by uninstalling and then reinstalling the app. If the problem persists, don’t hesitate to reach out by leaving a comment, and we’ll make every effort to provide assistance.

How to Install YouTube Vanced on Your Android and iOS Device?

The process is straightforward; please refer to the installation guide provided above.

Is It Free to Download YouTube Vanced APK?

Absolutely. YouTube Vanced apk is completely free to download. Keep in mind that you won’t find it on the Google Play Store, so you’ll need to acquire it from third-party sources.

In Summary

In brief, YouTube Vanced APK serves as an excellent alternative to the official YouTube app, offering a wealth of additional features. Its ad-blocking and background playback capabilities are particularly appealing. While the app’s legality remains uncertain, using it is safe as long as you obtain it from a trusted source. We strongly recommend obtaining YouTube Vanced from our site, as we provide regular updates and secure download files.

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