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TikTok Revolutionizes Music Discovery: Spotify and Amazon Music Integration Unveiled in the US and UK

Tiktok update

In an exciting update, TikTok has rolled out a groundbreaking feature, “Add to Music App,” empowering users in the US and UK to seamlessly save and enjoy their discovered tunes on popular music streaming platforms such as Amazon Music and Spotify.

The Add to Music App feature, intelligently positioned as a user-friendly button labeled “Add Song,” now accompanies each track in the For You Feed. Upon tapping this button for the first time, users can effortlessly choose to save their favorite songs to their preferred music streaming service.

TikTok Songs playlist

It’s worth noting that this feature on Amazon Music is exclusively available to Prime members and Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers, while on Spotify, both free and premium users can bask in its convenience.

For Amazon Music users, their saved tracks find a home in the dedicated TikTok Songs playlist, whereas Spotify enthusiasts can find their chosen tunes neatly nestled in the Liked Songs playlist.

By adding a layer of personalization, users are given the flexibility to add the selected track to an existing playlist or create a new one. Following the inaugural use of the Add to Music App feature, the chosen music app automatically becomes the default streaming service for subsequent song saves.

Flexibility is key, as TikTok users retain the freedom to switch their default music streaming service at any time through the settings menu. Additionally, TikTok has streamlined the process by enabling users to leverage the Add to Music App feature directly from an artist’s Sound Detail Page.

For now, this dynamic Spotify and Amazon Music integration is exclusively tailored for TikTok users in the United States and the United Kingdom. Although not explicitly mentioned in the official announcement, an intriguing image accompanying the release hints at potential integration with another major player in the music streaming realm: Apple Music.

As TikTok continues to redefine the social media landscape, this latest feature amplifies the platform’s commitment to enhancing the music discovery experience.

Stay tuned for more updates as TikTok explores further integrations and collaborations with the world’s leading music streaming services.

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