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Eligible for an upgrade? Your Guide to the Android 15 (One UI 7) Update on Samsung Galaxy Devices

Android 15 and One UI 7

With the release of the first Android 15 developer preview in February 2024, Samsung Galaxy users are eager to know if their devices will be compatible with the upcoming update. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown to help you navigate the upgrade landscape.

The Wait for Android 15 and One UI 7

While Google is expected to finalize Android 15 by July 2024, Samsung will integrate it into its One UI interface (One UI 7), taking a few additional months. This means Galaxy owners will have to wait a bit longer to experience the new software.

Unofficially Eligible: Predicting Upgradeable Devices

The official list of supported devices will not be accessible until after at least one Galaxy phone has been updated with Android 15 and One UI 7. However, based on previous update trends, we can make an accurate prediction:

  • Galaxy S Series: From the recently launched S24 to the established S21 series (including the FE variant), all S series models are likely to receive the update.
  • Galaxy Z Series: Foldable phone enthusiasts can expect Android 15 on the latest Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6, along with their predecessors Z Fold 4, Z Flip 4, and even the Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3.
  • Galaxy A Series: Mid-range A series phones are strong contenders, including the recent A73 and A55, along with the A72, A54, and A53, down to the A14 and A15.
  • Galaxy Tab Series: Power users on tablets can look forward to Android 15 on the high-end Tab S9 series (including the FE and Ultra variants) and the S8 series.
  • Galaxy F & M Series: While less certain, some F and M series devices launched with Android 13 or higher might be included, especially those adhering to the four-year update policy.

Why these devices? Understanding the upgrade criteria

Samsung typically offers two major OS upgrades to most Galaxy devices. So, any phone or tablet launched with Android 13 is almost guaranteed to receive Android 15.

Flagships and select mid-range models with a four-year update window (launched with Android 11 or higher) are also likely candidates. Naturally, all new Galaxy devices launched in 2024 will come pre-installed with Android 15.

Disclaimer and Looking Ahead

This list is based on educated predictions and isn’t definitive. Samsung’s official confirmation will likely arrive in August or September, following their usual update release schedule.

We’ll continuously update this article with the latest information. Bookmark this page and check back periodically for future updates!

Additional Tips for Staying Informed

  • Stay tuned to Samsung’s official channels for announcements.
  • Tech news websites and blogs specializing in Android updates are valuable resources.
  • Use your device’s model number to search for specific upgrade information online.

By following these steps, you’ll be well-prepared for the arrival of Android 15 on your Samsung Galaxy device.

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