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Get Cheapest DStv/GOtv Cable Decoder Subscription in Nigeria

DSTV is by far the best Satellite cable TV service in Nigeria which also cuts across the whole African continent. The 2018 FIFA World Cup has begun and we have seen a lot of action in the first 5 days already. In order not to miss a moment of the World Cup, people are rushing to re-subscribe to their cable TV. But wait, before your current subscription expires; I’m guessing nobody wants to be paying a higher subscription for packages on DStv/GOtv, but because they don’t have a choice, they pay just to watch their favorite TV shows.

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Good news to Multichoice subscribers in Nigeria, you can actually get the cheapest subscription from trusted third party agent. It’s extremely cheaper compared to what is written on DStv and GOtv website. The truth is, we all love it cheap just like how we roll with cheaper data plans from third-party agents. Why will you use N3900 to get GOtv Maxi subscription or N3900 to get DStv Family Subscription when there are a means of getting it for just N3300! Below are the price list of DStv/GOtv cheaper Subscription See DStv/GOtv Price Difference

  • GOtv Value N1250, charges 100=N1350, our price N1000
  • GOtv Plus N1900, charges 100=N2000, our price N1600
  • GOtv Maxi N3800, charges 100=N3900, our price N3300
  • DStv Access N1900, charges 100=N2000, our price N1600
  • DStv Family N3800, charges 100=N3900, our price N3300
  • DStv Compaq N6300, charges 100=N6400, our price N5500
  • DStv Compaq plus 9,900, charges 100=N10,000, our price N9000
  • DStv Premium 14,700, charges 100=N14,800, our price N13500

PVR also available. This is actually coming from a reliable third party, I have tried him and my account got funded instantly. To place your orders Just send your IUC/ SMART CARD NUMBER and get activated after making Payment to: Name: Akomolafe Ademola C Account: GTBank  0222540675 Contact Details: WhatsApp: 08027483909 Call: 09027475767 or 07037459161 Here is the Juicy part, if you are paying for two months and above, you’ll get discount on your package. Like I said, I have tried him and my account was funded immediately.

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Sheu Abdullateef Funsho
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10 thoughts on “Get Cheapest DStv/GOtv Cable Decoder Subscription in Nigeria”

  1. Confirmed and in fact the guy really tired. Now I can pay #1600 for Gotv Plus instead of #2000. Thank you Shelaf.

  2. Shelaf thanks, I can't bliv some1 can be trusted like this guy. He's soo superb and is working speed is excellent. Guys if you don't give him a trial you are losing out. I was discounted for paying two months and my DECODER works immediately. I called multichoice and my payment was confirmed with expired month.

  3. Yes, you are very safe, the dealer is someone i know very well, if you have any issue with him, do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

  4. Can we confirm if the promo is still on pls before we pay into his account. Oga shelf pls do the needful.. Bless up

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