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EagleHost234 Reduces All Prices Of Their Web Hosting Plans has been the cheapest web hosting company in Nigeria.
Though they came into the web hosting scene in the past year, they’ve always made sure that their products are cheap and affordable. They may not be in the top list of Nigeria web hosting for now, one thing that made me love them is that they are always open to suggestions. The CEO and co-founder who also owns has always been up and doing and have expert engineers working for them on

To celebrate their one year anniversary, they have reduced all their web hosting prices hence, 2GB to 3Gb has been additionally added to all their plans. For instance, previously the premium plan had been priced N3,000 for 11GB web hosting space, but now it has been increased to 13gb for the same price. This is far cheaper than what other Nigerian hosting companies can offer you.

Wondering how reliable their server is to be so cheap? They are very reliable. Eaglehost234 on a weekly basis updates its servers. They have also put in place lots of security measures for their clients’ websites. If you have been looking for a reliable but cheap hosting company to start your project, then is the best solution for you. As a beginner, they can also help you set up your website.

Take A Look At Their Web Hosting Plans Price Details

1. BASIC PLAN is capped with 3Gb web space for just N1,000
2. STANDARD PLAN comes with 5GB web space for just N1,600
3. PREMIUM PLAN is so amazing that it comes with a whole lot of 13GB webspace for just N3,000
4. PROFESSIONAL PLAN comes with 20GB webspace for just N5,800
5. ULTIMATE PLAN is the highest plan they have which comes with a whopping 35GB webspace for just N9,000

They can offer you unlimited webspace as well, if you desire, but that is not listed on their website for now; you will need to chat up their admins and inquire about it.

Hope this helps.


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    1. The EagleHost234 company no longer exists and they did a refund to lots of their subscribers before they finally short down their server. Try and contact them for a refund.

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