Globacom has introduced a customer-savvy offering known as Beep Call Service, which enables customers to reach out to family, friends, and loved ones even when they have no credit on their phones.

With this exciting package, subscribers with zero airtime balance can still reach out to any other number either on the Glo network or any other telecommunications company.

“The new offer is an intelligent solution through which Glo subscribers can call loved ones, friends, and associates anytime they run out of airtime. The network will then leave a ‘missed call’ on the called number, prompting him or her to call back”, the company explained.

Glo added that Beep Call Service is a stop-gap solution conceived to keep its subscribers talking on the network, especially at critical periods of emergency and urgent needs.

The product is already generating excitement as two Glo subscribers who have utilized it gave credence to its effectiveness.

They include Moyosola Ladipo, a Lagos -based Property Manager whose car packed up one dark evening in Lagos. Said he, “It was the Glo Beep Call Service that saved the situation. I had exhausted my credit, hoping to recharge in the neighborhood when I get home. I used the beep service call and lo and behold my wife called back and later sent me credit, which I used to contact my Mechanic, who came in later to fix the car”.

In the same vein, Amisu Usman, an Abuja-based subscriber who lost his purse, and was stranded in Nyanya, a suburb of the boisterous Federal Capital Territory recalled that he was perplexed when he realized that he was left with zero balance on his phone.

“Just then, I remembered Glo Beep Call Service and used it. My brother called me after seeing the missed call on his phone and I explained my situation after which he transferred the money to me, which I collected at a nearby bank for my transport fare back home, It was not funny that day, I was saved by the Glo beep service”, he said.

How to use Glo Beep Call Service

Globacom said, the subscribers who wish to use the service will “simply call their contacts with low or zero balance, the network will leave a ‘missed call’ on the called number, requesting them to call back and the called party will see a missed call and be prompted to return the call.”

While encouraging subscribers to avail themselves of the service, Glo disclosed that it is absolutely FREE, and is one of the many innovations by the brand to add value to the lives of its subscribers around the nation.


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