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Unified USSD Codes for Mobile Networks in Nigeria: Everything You Need to Know

Unified USSD Codes for Mobile Networks

In a significant move, Nigerian telecommunications operators have embraced the approval of a Unified Unstructured Supplementary Service Date (USSD) by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) for all mobile networks in the country. This landmark implementation took effect on May 18, 2023, revolutionizing the way users can purchase airtime and check their mobile networks.

The introduction of the unified USSD now serves as the sole method for conducting airtime purchases and mobile network inquiries. This standardization brings convenience and simplicity to users, ensuring a seamless experience across different network providers.

To facilitate easy access to various services, each mobile network in Nigeria has been assigned a unique USSD code. These codes allow users to access specific functions and features.

Below is a comprehensive list of the Unified USSD codes for all major mobile networks operating in Nigeria:

  1. Call Centers: 300
  2. Borrow Services: *303#
  3. Stop Service: *305#
  4. Check Balance: *310#
  5. Credit Recharge: *311#
  6. Data Plan: *312#
  7. Data plan balance: *323#
  8.  Share Services: *321#

It’s important to note that while the introduction of the unified USSD codes brings about a standardized approach, certain existing codes and their functionalities will remain unchanged. These specific codes are as follows:

  1. DND (Do-Not-Disturb): 2442
  2. Porting Services: 3232
  3. NIN (National Identification Number) Verification and NIN-SIM Linkage: *996#

The implementation of the unified USSD codes for mobile networks in Nigeria marks a significant step towards enhancing the accessibility and usability of telecommunication services. With a streamlined approach, users can conveniently access a wide range of services by simply dialing the designated USSD codes on their mobile devices.

Benefits of Unified USSD Codes:

1. Simplified Access: The introduction of unified USSD codes eliminates the need for users to remember multiple codes for different network providers. With a single set of codes applicable across all networks, users can easily access the desired services without any confusion.

2. Convenience: Users can now perform various tasks, such as purchasing airtime, checking balances, and accessing data plans, using a standardized USSD code format. This brings immense convenience, as users no longer need to navigate through different menus or remember specific codes for each network.

3. Seamless Experience: The unified USSD codes ensure a consistent user experience across different mobile networks. Regardless of the network provider, users can expect a uniform interface and functionality when interacting with the USSD system.

4. Enhanced Efficiency: By standardizing the USSD codes, telecommunication operators can streamline their service delivery and optimize resource allocation. This leads to improved efficiency in managing customer requests and reduces the complexity of network operations.

5. Wide Compatibility: The unified USSD codes are designed to work on all mobile devices, irrespective of the manufacturer or operating system. Users with different smartphone models or feature phones can easily access the services without compatibility issues.

How to Use Unified USSD Codes:

Using the unified USSD codes is straightforward. To access a specific service, follow these simple steps:

  • Open the phone dialer on your mobile device.
  • Dial the designated USSD code corresponding to the desired service.
  • Press the call button to initiate the USSD request.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to navigate through the service options.
  • Select the desired action or input the required information as prompted.
  • Follow any additional instructions to complete the transaction or inquiry.

Remember to have sufficient credit or a valid data connection to successfully perform USSD transactions.


The implementation of unified USSD codes for mobile networks in Nigeria simplifies and streamlines the user experience, making it more convenient for individuals to access a wide range of services across different network providers. With a standardized approach, users can easily purchase airtime, check balances, and manage various mobile services using the designated USSD codes.

This advancement in telecommunication services enhances efficiency, improves customer satisfaction, and promotes a seamless and unified mobile experience for all users in Nigeria.

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