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Crypto Arbitrage: How to Trade Coins and Make Profits of about $500 to $1000 Every Single Month

crypto arbitrage trade coin and make profit

Hello everyone, in this article I’m going to show you how you can make an average of $500 $1,000 every single month by actually doing the crypto arbitrage, which is the process of buying low and selling high and the beautiful thing about it is that there is a robot that can actually assist you in doing this.

You don’t need much; all you need are signals from a platform that I’m about to show you regarding coins that will perform well. And then you are going to trade the coin and of course, the coin is going to do well. LunarCrush is a free platform that we are going to use for this tutorial.

What is LunarCrush?

LunarCrush is a collective that collates every major and minor crypto story from enthusiasts, investors, and developers across multiple social media platforms. The company has tapped into an online social media discussion that is driving the value and future of cryptocurrency. LunarCrush summarizes all of the many opinions, market dynamics, and upcoming trends into theme-based dashboards.

“A person cannot effectively filter through hundreds of thousands of pieces of crypto-specific material uploaded online every day,” explains Joe Vezzani, Founder and CEO of LunarCrush. This is made easier using LunarCrush. It provides investors with a social intelligence platform that helps them analyze crypto communities and sentiment over time.”

The platform assists crypto enthusiasts in determining market trends, pricing data, comparatives, and fundamentals for key crypto currencies, exchanges, and alternative assets. Furthermore, the platform’s level-based incentive system, high reward points, VIP support programs, and the Lunr Token make it a significant resource for all crypto investors and traders.

What do I need LunaCrush for?

You just need to go on the LunaCrush app to get Coin Of the Day, the coin that is going to do well in the next 24 hours, the coin that is going to do well in the next seven days.

Lunarcrush has been a wonderful platform. I’ve been using it and it has been delivering so well. Every single day by 2 pm Nigerian time, Lunarcrush used to select their coin of the day, and since the time I have been following their Coin Of the Day, the result I’ve been getting from my Royal Q Trading Bot has been tremendous.

You don’t necessarily need Royal Q Trading Bot before you can trade with LunaCrush’s Coin Of the Day, you can just go straight to your Binance account and search for the coin of the day you got from Lunacrush. Then, you buy it manually, you hold it for 24 hours to 7 days. And then you can sell it off manually when you have reached your profit target. You can decide to say, after a 10% increase, I’m going to take my profit or you can use Royal Q to handle it for you automatically.

One thing about Royal Q is the fact that as the market is dipping, you keep buying and selling and making consistent profits, which is what anyone would want. So instead of just going ahead to Binance and buying it once. The Royal Q is going to buy it multiple times for you, as the market is going down, you keep buying, and as you are buying, what actually happens is you will be buying and selling and making profits. And that is very much beautiful. So, that is how Royal Q works.

Therefore, if you don’t have Royal Q Trading Bot, I want to advise that you go ahead and activate your Royal Q Bot.

The bot wasn’t programmed to sell at a loss in any condition of the market. Your trade is going to close and bring you profit, even much more profit than your initial trading capital in Binance. So, you are not sending that to anyone else.

The robot costs only a $120 subscription fee for one year and the robot will start trading for you and bringing you much more profit. 0% risk is involved because your initial trading funds are in your own wallet. The robot is taking advantage of the volatility of the market.

It buys low and it sells high. If this sounds like something you would want to learn more about, Below are the recommended articles for you to go through.

I want you to set your Royal Q up with the above instruction, and then you are going to be making consistent profits every day. My contact detail is in any of the above links, in case you need my assistance regarding the Royal Q activation and setup.

I’m going to show you what I’ve been doing and how it has been working consistently for me.

Create a user account on LunaCrush

The procedure begins by going to the LunaCrush login/register page.

Enter your email address and complete a captcha verification. After that, a verification email is sent to the address you gave. You’ll be sent to your dashboard after your email has been verified. That indicates that your account has been set up. After registering, you can download their app from the play store or keep using the web version.

You can also get LunaCrush coins for free by performing their daily activities.

Features of LunaCrush

Trending News

LunaCrush Trending News

These are news that is actually going to tell you what is happening now to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other coins. You can check the trending news to know what is happening to the coin you intend to trade or you are actually trading and what people are saying about it on social media.


LunaCrush Insights

There is insights and other headings like Earnings. You can see my Daily Pints is 18 and I can actually increase it as I’m working with it. I need 35 LunarCoin in my wallet before I can claim and withdraw this free coin. You can actually get this free coin simply by logging into LunaCrush and performing daily activities which are under the ‘Opinions’ heading on the homepage.


LunaCrush Opinions

You can see profile strength, scroll down to Opinions, which is one of the activities you need to perform on LunaCrush and you can see from the below screenshot, the Opinions 4/5 said: Bitcoin will break $250,000 USD in 2022, No is my answer and I did the same thing for other questions to get my daily LunaCrush coin bonus.


LunaCrush Coin of the day

This is where you’re going to see different coins and their hot coins rank. And as you can see from the screenshot, the Skale (SKL) is the Coin Of the Day for the next 24 hours, that is why you are seeing COD in front of it.

Then, you can see the Exchanges. Right there you’re going to see different cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Nova Exchange, VCC Exchange, Vbitex, VB, Nolex, and other different cryptocurrency exchanges.


The next one is Discover: It is where you are going to see the coin of the day. The Coin Of the Day is Skale and the short form for it is SKL.

The listed Coin Of the Day before now was Cardano and the short form for it is ADA. This Cardano, which is ADA has actually done well in the last 24 hours.

cardano coin of the day on luncrush

Note: Coin of the day does not necessarily mean it is going to perform in the next 24 hours like the ADA coin done. Sometimes, it might not perform in the next 24 hours. It might take the next seven days (one week) before you can see the profit. Actually, within one week, you’re going to see that the coin will go bullish.

Once you got Coin of the Day from LunaCrush, simply go straight to the Royal Q Trading bot if you have the app and start trading it right there.

Note that a few of the suggested coins may not available on Royal Q, even the present listed SKL coin is not available on both General and Professional Quantitative of Royal Q.

In such a case, you may ignore the coin and if you’re going to trade it, you can get it done manually on Binance or other coin exchangers you know, but make sure that you actually know what you’re doing.

The recent result of earnings on Royal Q is the profits that ADA was actually made for me.

Crypto Arbitrage Through Royal Q

You can see how the ADA green candles in the chart are moving up and up within the last 24hrs that the coin was listed on LunaCrush.

ADA candle chart green line moving up

This ADA coin has given me a lot of profit and for those who we will as for the setting, I used for it. Refer to the screenshots and details below. With the setting I made a total of 85 calls;

Margin call drop

ADA USDT Margin configuration on royal Q


  • First Call 0.5%
  • 2nd Call 0.1%
  • 3rd Call 0.1%
  • 4th Call 0.1%
  • 5th Call 0.5%
  • 6th Call 0.5%
  • 7th Call 0.1%
  • 8th Call 0.1%
  • 9th Call 0.1%
  • 10th Call 0.1%
  • 11th Call 0.5%
  • 12th Call 0.1%
  • 13th Call 0.1%
  • 14th Call 0.1%
  • 15th Call 0.1%
  • 16th Call 0.5%
  • 17th Call 0.1%
  • 18th Call 0.1%
  • 19th Call 0.1%
  • 20th Call 0.1%
  • 21st Call 0.1%
  • 22nd Call 0.1%
  • 23rd Call 0.1%
  • 24th Call 0.1%
  • 25th Call 0.1%
  • 26th Call 0.5%
  • 27th Call 0.1%
  • 28th Call 0.1%
  • 29th Call 0.1%
  • 30th Call 0.1%
  • 31st Call 0.5%
  • 32nd Call 0.1%
  • 33rd Call 0.1%
  • 34th Call 0.1%
  • 35th Call 0.1%
  • 36th Call 0.5%
  • 37th Call 0.1%
  • 38th Call 0.1%
  • 39th Call 0.1%
  • 40th Call 0.1%
  • 41st Call 0.5%
  • 42nd Call 0.1%
  • 43rd Call 0.1%
  • 45th Call 0.1%
  • 46th Call 0.1%
  • 47th Call 0.1%
  • 48th Call 0.1%
  • 49th Call 0.1%
  • 50th Call 0.1%
  • 51st Call 0.5%
  • 52nd Call 0.1%
  • 53rd Call 0.1%
  • 54th Call 0.1%
  • 55th Call 0.1%
  • 56th Call 0.5%
  • 57th Call 0.1%
  • 58th Call 0.1%
  • 59th Call 0.1%
  • 60th Call 0.5%
  • 61st Call 0.1%
  • 62nd Call 0.1%
  • 63rd Call 0.1%
  • 64th Call 0.1%
  • 65th Call 0.1%
  • 66th Call 0.5%
  • 67th Call 0.1%
  • 68th Call 0.1%
  • 69th Call 0.1%
  • 70th Call 0.1%
  • 71st Call 0.5%
  • 72nd Call 0.1%
  • 73rd Call 0.1%
  • 74th Call 0.1%
  • 75th Call 0.1%
  • 76th Call 0.5%
  • 77th Call 0.1%
  • 78th Call 0.1%
  • 79th Call 0.1%
  • 80th Call 0.1%
  • 81st Call 0.5%
  • 82nd Call 0.1%
  • 83rd Call 0.1%
  • 84th Call 0.1%
  • 85th Call 0.1%

Multiple Buy in ratio

From the first call to the 85th call, put 1 times in all the boxes.

Distributed and Take Profit (Percentage of split-to-profit)

Royal Q Distributed and Take Profit

Set everything to 1.1% just as it appears in the screenshot above.

Now, if someone were to ask me, how much are you using to trade this ADA coin alone, you can see from the above screenshot that I invested $900 right into it.

So, that’s how I set it, so you can actually follow the settings. This was because I know that the market is going bullish right now. If we are in a bearish market, I’m not going to set it that way. This is for a bullish market, and it has been giving me a very good results.

When I made enough profit from this ADA coin, I can just go ahead and put it on one shot. Putting it on one shot means anytime you make the whole position take profit callback, take me out of this coin, I’m not trading this coin again, you can dump it and select a new one. So, it’s as simple as that.

In case of market bearish, refer to this setting: Royal Q Trading Bot: Big Secret Settings and Strategy to Maximize Profit & Effectively Buy as Dip as 95%

LunaCrush is actually one of the platforms you can use to get signals on the Coin Of the Day and the coin to go for to trade while Royal Q is the best Bot to automate your trades. If you, your friends, and your families don’t have Royal Q Trading Bot, you are missing a great deal.

If this is your first time hearing about Royal Q Trading Bot and it sounds like something you would want to learn more about, Below is the recommended article for you to go through.

Thank you for reading and God bless you. I look forward to seeing you inside, automating your trade, and taking your emotions out of the equation.

If you have questions arising from this, put them in the comment section and I’ll respond to them.

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  1. Adewale Majekodunmi

    Good morning Mr. Funsho, I have been hearing alot about crypto and its auto trading but I have always wonder how exactly does this turns into dollar and naira since those are two of the many currencies accepted by the Nigeria state, how does this turns into money in my bank or pocket??????

    1. Hi, Mr. Adewale.
      Sorry for the delay in responding; this proves that crypto is completely new to you and you need to learn a lot more online to have a better understanding.

      Cryptocurrency, often known as crypto-currency or crypto, is any type of digital or virtual currency that employs encryption to safeguard transactions. Cryptocurrencies operate without a central issuing or regulating body, instead of relying on a decentralized system to track transactions and create new units.

      Turning or moving crypto to a bank account is the same kind of process as converting currencies at the airport when you arrive in a new country. You are essentially ‘selling’ your coin and ‘buying’ the equal value in dollars, Naira (or the currency of your choice).

  2. Good afternoon boss @shelaf please can you help with article on how to get a debit card to run arbitrage or if u can recommend a debit card that works on binance or trust wallet

    1. You’re most welcome, dear Oluscholes. Due to the ludicrous restriction on the Naira debit card, it is no longer suitable for arbitrage trading; the best choice now is the dollar debit card, which has a very low profit unless you are trading with a large amount of money on a regular basis.

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